Webinar Recording Published: 24/10/2018

Introducing KnowledgeSmart

This webinar briefly outlines Excitech's approach to organisational development, particularly focusing on pre and post skills assessments with KnowledgeSmart. KnowledgeSmart delivers skills gap analysis and bench-marking services for architecture, engineering and construction organisations.

Excitech’s Ben Kernick teamed up with Lisa Taylor from KnowledgeSmart to provide a deep dive into KnowledgeSmart, and explain how it can fit into your organisational development plan.

KnowledgeSmart can help you:
• Recruit the right people with the right skills
• Benchmark your employees' skills against each other and the market
• Develop employees' skills on a continuous basis, tailored to their individual needs.

To help your employee’s development journey further, Ben briefly touches on the recent integration between KnowledgeSmart and the powerful e-learning platform, Pinnacles Series. This integration connects the skills gap analysis with a training plan, and readily available courses. Progress can be tracked, and information can be revisited easily and quickly.

To find out more, download the webinar below:


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