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News Published: 17/03/2017 | Author: Billy Sherard

The move from Maintenance to Subscription

In March 2017, Autodesk announced their plans to offer existing maintenance customers a migration path to the new subscription model. 

This announcement reflects the next phase in their move to a term-based model which has been in progress for the last two years. The difference with this announcement is that it is the first time existing customers have been given the option to move over. 

The immediate changes of note are as follows:
•    20th February 2017 – Removal of multi-year maintenance plan renewal
•    7th May 2017 – 5% increase to maintenance plan renewal (10% in 2018 and 20% in 2019)
•    June 2017 – Offer to switch your maintenance plan to subscription at the time of renewal (for the price of the maintenance plan – locked in for three years).

We have visibility of the intent over the next three years, but to look further than this we have to make a number of assumptions. 

All the new announcements and considerations can be found here: Maintenance to Subscription.

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