Webinar - 4 April 2019 Start Time: 12:00 End Time: 12:30

How to recruit, retain, and develop the right skills for your business

This webinar provides an overview of what Organisational Development is. We will explore some of the latest tools and techniques available to ensure your teams’ skills remain current and competitive.

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For architects, engineers and construction professionals, training is the backbone of an organisation’s continuous skills improvement; enriching team capabilities and improving client satisfaction.

Training is not a one-time deal though; details get forgotten, Revit and other software gets upgraded, and the technology at the heart of many design and construction processes constantly evolves.

At Excitech, we recommend an integrated approach to developing people’s skills and talent:

  • Explore your technology and processes to ensure you have the right things in place for your employees to thrive
  • Measure employees' current skills with a pre-assessment using KnowledgeSmart. Identify their gaps to help develop a training plan
  • Enable with training. We offer classroom-based training and an e-learning platform called Pinnacle Series
  • Measure how much has been retained from the training with an assessment, again using KnowledgeSmart. Results are recorded to track employee development progress over time
  • Certify advanced Autodesk software skills by taking an Autodesk Professional Certification exam. This demonstrates the advanced skills acquired

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