Webinar - 24 July 2018 Start Time: 12:00 End Time: 13:00

Help ensure your teams’ skills remain current and competitive

Join this webinar with our Organisational Development specialist Ben Kernick, who will walk you through Excitech’s approach to Organisational Development.

Our aim is to help you develop and share technical skills and knowledge across your organisation, understand and encourage individuals’ progression, measure their progress, and reduce recruitment and external training costs.
Ben will explain the importance of developing an organisation development plan based on your organisations needs, and the tools that can help you along the way.

The Agenda:
  • What is organisational development and how can you benefit?
  • What is Excitech’s approach?
    • Business challenges
    • The methodology we use
  • Tailoring a solution to your needs
  • How our clients have onboarded their solution