Webinar - 27 November 2020 Start Time: 12:00 End Time: 13:00

Asset Information Management Best Practice for Infrastructure

Join this webinar to learn how to better manage and access your asset & engineering information

Infrastructure companies, in fact any business whose assets are distributed over a wide geographic area will typically be looking to address similar questions as part of business operations:

• Where are my assets?
• What condition are they in?
• Where is the information I need to maintain and improve them?

In many cases, businesses will have three separate teams using disconnected systems to help them answer these questions. Individually these tools are doing the job asked of them, but bringing them together would be more than the sum of the parts.

Please join our principal consultants Dave Bosworth and Julian Jones for our webinar on 27th November where they will guide you through some of the key challenges faced by today's infrastructure businesses.

Webinar Details:

Date: Friday 27th November 2020
Time: 12pm - 1pm
  • Dave Bosworth, Principal Consultant
  • Greg Bateman, Business Development - Data Management Solutions (DMS)
  • Julian Jones, Consultant - Data Management Solutions (DMS)

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  • Introduction to information management best practice
  • How ISO 19650 is being applied to projects
  • Challenges businesses face when companies exchange data with their project supply chain
  • Present how technology can be used to practically address these issues
  • Q&A

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