Case Study Published: 7/02/2019

STANLEY Security - BIM Level 2 Accreditation

Excitech Prepares STANLEY Security for BIM Level 2 Accreditation

“Getting our workflows, document management systems, file naming conventions, and other procedures all aligned to the requirements for BIM Level 2 Accreditation could have been a nightmare, but Excitech made it easy. They got to know our business quickly and did far more than just get us ready for BIM; they've brought improvements into how we do things that add deeper value for the company as a whole.”

Matthew Marriott, General Manager, Stanley Security Systems 

Excitech services provided:

  • BIM fundamentals workshop/training
  • BIM Level 2 Gap Analysis
  • Development of Company Standards, Methods and Procedures (SMP’s)
  • Implementation of BIM authoring and design co-ordination systems (Revit and Navisworks)
  • Revit technical training
  • Introduction of an e-Learning portal (Pinnacle Series)  
  • Accreditation trial run from Lloyd's Register 

Meet STANLEY Security

STANLEY Security is one of the leading providers of security and life safety systems in the UK. The organisation designs, installs, monitors and services security systems for industrial, government, commercial, residential and national account customers. STANLEY Security is a division of STANLEY Black & Decker, one of the 500 largest public companies in the U.S., and employs over 500 staff in the UK. STANLEY Security is renowned as one of the most trusted names in security and has been providing a world-class service for over 50 years with over 300,000 satisfied customers. The company's advanced technology has enabled it to assist in over 170,000 police apprehensions, with an average police response time to verified alarm of 3.5 minutes.

At the end of October 2018, STANLEY Security proudly announced that it had become the first security company in the UK to achieve BIM Level 2 Accreditation. In making the announcement, the company's press release stated: "Achieving BIM Level 2 Accreditation has become increasingly important not only for full participation in public sector projects – construction suppliers tendering for centrally procured government projects must be working at BIM Level 2 – but also for organisations in the commercial sector looking to reap the benefits of this advanced approach to construction". This is the story of the steps they took to get there, with help along the way from Excitech. 

The challenge – demonstrating best practice to meet the growing BIM requirement among major clients 

The adoption of BIM is increasing year-on-year, and this exponential increase in demand is being driven by Employers across the whole sector, from Building Asset Owners to Contractors. Even when BIM is not specifically being requested many BIM related standards and workflows are being adopted, as an example ensuring teams work to a single and uniform document naming convention.

STANLEY Security identified a definite trend in customer conversations and feedback; more and more Employers were talking about BIM becoming the framework to build future delivery protocols around. Some of the largest organisations in the world, customers of STANLEY Security, were starting to see it as an essential approach in de-risking projects.

The solution – ready for the BIM opportunity 

Matthew Marriott, General Manager at STANLEY Security, states that it was important for the company to be 'ahead of the curve', especially since many of the OEMs it works with had started to supply information relating to their equipment in the form of BIM objects, accessible from BIM library sources. 

"We identified the need to gain BIM Accreditation but realised that we needed to be helped along the way by an organisation that had taken other businesses through the process, time and time again. Excitech's reputation preceded them and they were the natural choice of partner for this journey. We looked at others, but the experience and pedigree of Excitech shone through." 

Excitech’s partnership with Lloyd's Register for the delivery of the BIM Level 2 Accreditation process was a major factor in requesting Excitech’s help, with the Lloyd's association enhancing the appeal of Excitech, given that they are, in Matthew’s words "the 'Rolls Royce' of accreditation bodies”.

BIM fundamentals workshop/training
To start the journey, Excitech facilitated a one-day workshop for 25 people in the company, including senior management, sales, technical, marketing, operational and project management. This provided an understanding of the UK BIM Mandate, BIM workflows, and key aspects of the BIM Level 2 standards, specifications and key terms and descriptors. 

The Strategy and Roadmap
The next stage delivered by Excitech was to gain a detailed picture of where the company was prior to the journey, identify what changes needed to be made and propose a clear and concise implementation plan. 

The process looked at multiple business systems and reviewed all aspects of STANLEY Security over four days, from winning work processes, though to design and installation and into after care and supporting services. The outcome was a report detailing all findings, recommendations and a roadmap for implementation for STANLEY Security to consider.

Lasting impact on design practices
"It felt like the right thing," said Matthew. "The questions they asked, and the detailed way they looked at how we did things, really highlighted how we could add dimensions to the business." 'Adding dimensions' is an appropriate phrase, since other benefits were to come from the process. 

STANLEY Security wanted to transition from CAD to BIM authoring technologies and this entailed the introduction of a BIM authoring system, Autodesk’s Revit. To support the new skills required for the new software, Excitech also introduced STANLEY Security to Eagle Point's Pinnacle Series e-learning platform; providing access to training material, training plans and expert help when required and at the point of need. It allows individuals to learn new skills across a range of technologies, not just Revit, at their own pace, in areas of interest, whilst still ensuring project delivery schedules are maintained. 

Excitech project managed the process, and prior to the full Lloyd's Register BIM Level 2 Assessment ensured all standards, methods and procedures were in place, understood and adopted. Matthew suggested a `dry-run assessment day`, where a new Excitech consultant to the project was introduced for an objective overview and assessment of the business against the Lloyd's scheme to ensure that there were no remaining gaps. Matthew reported that the day was “incredibly valuable and provided confidence.”

The outcome – ahead of the curve

The Lloyds Register assessor conducted a full business review in accordance with the BIM Level 2 Accreditation scheme, which resulted in a positive outcome with no Major or Minor Non-conformances raised and Accreditation granted. 

For STANLEY Security, the initiative does not stop there. A schedule of follow-up BIM Workshops and Awareness days to a wider part of the business are already in delivery, and plans are in place to review and incorporate ISO 19560-1 and 19560-2: Information management for BIM on publication. 

"Excitech tailored everything for our specific needs. It wasn't an off-the-shelf deal, it was a strategy moulded around our business," explains Matthew. The measure of success for this project was gaining BIM Accreditation. It was achieved. From start to finish, the entire process of readying STANLEY Security for BIM Accreditation took 18 months; a timeline that Matthew was pleased with. 

"For a period of about eight months we had to park the project due to more pressing customer priorities; the daily reality of a business of our scale and scope," says Matthew. "Customers come first but I'm happy that, without such influences, the project time was more in the region of six months. Whenever we engaged with Excitech, progress was rapid; improvements and leaps forward were made constantly."

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