Case Study Published: 11/10/2019

JCA Engineering - Consolidating BIM Level 2 Foundations with Excitech DOCS

Making BS/PAS 1192 second nature and easier collaboration a first priority


"The initial requirement when we set out on our BIM Level 2 accreditation journey was to align our document management systems with the standards and expectations required within the PAS 1192 framework. It was potentially a huge task, as any organisation that has moved from a traditional folder system to a structured one will know. Excitech has eased the way for us, and Excitech DOCS has changed the game."

Chris Fitzer, CAD Manager, JCA Engineering Limited

Excitech software and services provided:
  • BIM and Revit training
  • Excitech DOCS
  • CoBIE/IFC training
  • CPD seminars as appropriate for project teams, design and legal 

Meet JCA Engineering

JCA Engineering is a multi-faceted engineering services and construction business, specialising in designing, building, and maintaining critical infrastructure projects. The company follows an integrated approach, harnessing sustainable innovation across multiple sectors: commercial, datacentres, education, government, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and science and technology. JCA's core expertise is in the development of buildings and facilities with business-critical engineering systems. Within its Professional Services team, JCA offers MEP consultancy, architectural design services, and space planning.

In order to achieve BIM accreditation, it is standard practice for organisations like JCA to introduce systems and procedures with their associated software tools in a phased manner. It's a common-sense strategy that gives the organisation time to adjust and time to assess the value that any change brings to its operations. Moving through a transition in a staged manner also makes sense to avoid any upheaval in the business; since no matter how small, change can cause interruptions or slow-downs to traditional ways of working.

Running the current mode of operation and future mode of operation in parallel allows as seamless a path to progress as possible. For these reasons, JCA decided to seek BIM Level 2 accreditation for its design consultancy services as a first stage, aiming to seek full company-wide accreditation in the near future.

Streamlining Document Management

Chris Fitzer, CAD Manager at JCA, outlines the challenge the company faced in preparation for BIM accreditation:

"Having made the decision not to go company-wide with BIM in the first instance, we called on Excitech to help us prepare the way in which we managed our documents in the design team, bringing them confidently in line with what we might expect in the BIM process.

I've personally worked with Excitech for around 20 years. I was aware of their wide industry expertise and have always been impressed by the fact that their consultants have hands-on industry experience.This made them the natural choice.

At the same time, they had recently launched their document and drawing management software Excitech DOCS. Since one of my initial goals was to set up our design document and folder structure, bringing in consistent company standards around file-naming, layering and such, I targeted to use BS/PAS 1192 as our framework. Excitech DOCS automatically takes care of the requisite naming conventions, assigning revisions and suitability codes in accordance with BS/PAS 1192. This made the solution also the natural choice. That's where it all started".

The Challenge -  Introducing consistency, structure and BIM-compliant practices to a previously 'free-style' document management environment

When the structure's right, everything else follows

The immediate focus was to assess the current mode of operation for document filing. JCA had traditionally outsourced design matters related to CAD. A formalised document and drawing management software had fallen neither within the remit of the external CAD consultants, nor that of the internal design team.

"When I first joined the team, I found a lot of time wasted in trying to find folders; a process that should be as easy as the click of a mouse. Many man days were being lost each month in searching," says Fitzer.

JCA completely understood that the time was right for change, not least since the BIM accreditation process would require a demonstrably compliant, ordered, and structured approach to document management.

The Solution - Compliance, order, and structure all automatically taken care of with Excitech DOCS

Excitech consultants worked with Fitzer and his team to fully understand JCA's requirement, not just from the BIM accreditation perspective but also from the angle of the design workflows that prevailed within the design team; making sure that the new structure would work in the way that JCA wanted it to work.
"We found that Excitech's integrated approach promised to streamline a number of connected issues all within the same project implementation; taking care of our BIM needs while getting our house in order for the long run. They helped prepare the complete document set we would need to show in place when going for accreditation, proving a BIM execution plan, templates, master information plans, risk management plans, the whole set as required at BIM level 2". 
Phase 1 of the BIM accreditation process at JCA is now complete.

"Thanks to Excitech we have received our BIM Level 2 accreditation for the design team," says Fitzer. "On all new projects moving forward, we will be using Excitech DOCS.”


To learn more about our document and drawing management software Excitech DOCS, click here. For more information on BIM Level 2 accreditation, click here.   

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