Case Study Published: 5/07/2018

Hinkley Point C - Space Management on a grand scale

“Excitech assessed our wide-ranging space and moves management requirements; their practical and flexible approach delivered simplicity and visibility into managing a constantly changing environment.”

Hugh Henderson EDF Energy Site Operations – Facilities Management Workspace Strategist

Welcome to Hinkley Point C

EDF Energy’s latest project entails building two new nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point C in Somerset, the first in a new generation of nuclear power stations in the UK providing low-carbon electricity for around six million homes.

Hinkley Point C, covering over 400 acres during construction, will sit alongside an operating nuclear power station, and one being decommissioned. Marking a significant milestone in the revitalisation of the UK’s nuclear power industry, Hinkley Point C will make a major contribution to reducing carbon emissions. The electricity it generates will avoid 9 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions a year, or 600 million tonnes over its 60-year lifespan.

Hinkley Point C is providing huge opportunities for local, national and international businesses and will create around 25,000 employment opportunities during construction and aims to provide 1,000 apprenticeships during the construction of the new power station. EDF Energy also estimates that 64% of the project’s construction value will go to UK companies.


The challenge – Managing the workplace for thousands of workers

The scale of the construction project is huge; one of the largest and most complex projects in Europe, with a timeline of 10 years to completion. As construction progresses, there will be 5,600 people working on the site in a mix of office and site-based roles.

At the start of 2018, around 3,000 people involved in design, engineering, construction, and support services are based on site, and 1,000 more are based in other locations. For example, EDF Energy has a delivery command centre based in Bristol for project support staff. The total number of people involved in this project will rise to about 5,000 by the end of 2018.

For both its staff and its construction partners, EDF Energy required space management software that would enable its site operations team to manage space and facilities efficiently in accordance with the rapidly changing and growing nature of the workforce.

“As the workforce continues to increase within the site buildings, we need to ensure the management of office space and office-based staff across the project which means we need to have the right space management software,” explains Hugh Henderson, the Facilities Management Workspace Strategist on the EDF Energy Site Operations team. “The ideal software would give us visibility, usable reports and insights. ‘Simple’ is a key word for us. Sensible use of workspace is a key objective.”

The solution – Excitech FM: Experience in space management

Excitech worked with EDF Energy’s facilities management team to agree the functional design specification, configuration, and initial test deployment of Excitech FM, its Space and Move Management solution that integrates with AutoCAD to provide 2D and 3D graphical visualisation of key estate performance data. Excitech FM helps EDF Energy gain visibility of key property and employee data, to make efficient strategic decisions.
Excitech FM has reporting capabilities that can produce dynamic and exportable reports, which was one of EDF Energy’s key requirements relating to simplicity; the ability to see who’s where and when. Among the reports and other information highlighted as of particular value to Hinkley Point C were:
  • Headcount reports: These are a standard feature of Excitech FM.
  • Total number of operatives: The number of operatives not linked to office space but physically working onsite was also key for EDF Energy. To address this issue, Excitech FM enables reports to be produced irrespective of the connection to a specified area. EDF Energy can access summary reports highlighting quantity of employees per site and any associated information that may be required.
Excitech-FM.png An example of occupancy data within Excitech FM

The bigger picture
EDF Energy also required space plans to display the locations of teams and people; which is another standard feature within Excitech FM. A definitive space and moves management solution is not limited to those topics alone, however.
To be of maximum operational and business value to a Facilities Management team the solution must offer a complete and updateable profile of the estate composition and its resources, including commitments such as leases. It needs to offer the full picture. When a site is as extensive and subject to growth as Hinkley Point C is, a panoramic view is essential.
For this project, Excitech FM stores key building data including: gross internal area (GIA), net internal area (NIA), building ownership status (owned or leased), lease break dates, number of floors, number of meeting rooms, number of desks, type of desk, IT network available, and any other resources in place at the relevant location.
A solid backbone
Henderson explained that a robust system is about detail and continuity; ensuring that there’s never any delay in enabling people to perform their roles and tasks, and no lack of coordination in giving staff the resources they need and supporting management in resource, budget, and planning control. “Excitech FM gives us a solid backbone for our operations and organising our workforce.”
Smooth operations
Excitech FM will be at the heart of our expansion as the project develops,” says Henderson. “It’s loaded and ready to go. I’m sure it will be an invaluable aid to making the right decisions and avoiding unnecessary costs.”  
He also foresees a notable benefit in cost savings: In any construction project, time is money.
“We’re confident that with Excitech FM we have the right solution to drive efficient Facilities Management operations within planned and accurately budgeted parameters. In the early testing days, we’ve found the Excitech FM software to be a reliable and practical tool.”

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