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10 Benefits of using ARCHIBUS Space Management

It’s no secret that space is an expensive asset, therefore its important to align your organisations mission with the way your space is used.

ARCHIBUS provides the data, tool, and visibility to help you manage your estate. The space management modules help users make the right strategic decision to optimise your space.

Here are 10 benefits of using ARCHIBUS to assist you with your space mission:

1.    Reduce your real estate footprint
Are you using your space in the most efficient way? With ARCHIBUS Space Management, you can view and track all space and occupancy across your entire portfolio. Where there is wasted space, you can consolidate your space usage, optimising your estate.

2.    Make departments accountable for their space
Calculate the cost of your space and charge departments for their usage. By making them accountable, space won’t be wasted, and they will only use the space they need.

3.    Forecast your needs with scenario planning
Plan for your future space needs. ARCHIBUS allows you to test different space and occupancy scenarios to help you find the ideal solution before making the adjustments in real life.

4.    Provide shared team space
Transform your workplace by designing different shared space areas. This provides a nice place to work, helps motivate your team, making them more productive. Desk reservation can be automated with hotelling, making space booking easier and more visible.

5.    Increase building capacity with innovative space
Consolidate your space by providing a denser seating plan or consider innovative space layouts for remote staff who don’t need a permanent desk.

6.    Provide visibility of your space
ARCHIBUS provides full visibility of your space. You can view interactive floorplans, switching views to cleanly evaluate area, space type, cost, and occupancy data. Models can be viewed in 2D and 3D as required.

7.    Track reoccurring or odd trends
The way space is used can evolve over time. Keep track of any standard or abnormal trends from the ARCHIBUS dashboard. These trends can be compared by department, division, business unit, and other functional groups, to help make space allocation changes in the future.

8.    Identify departmental locations
You can view team and staff locations easily within the ARCHIBUS Space Management dashboard. The easy to use filters help identify their locations, and drill down functionality allows users to interrogate and analyse the data.

9.    Automate reservations and hoteling
Provide your staff with an automated reservation system for common areas. With a transparent and easy to use system, conference rooms and desks can be booked in advance.

10.    Integrate with Real Estate and Building Operations
Your space data can be integrated with other ARCHIBUS modules, such as ARCHIBUS Real Estate Management for a centralised view of leasing alongside space use. When integrating with ARCHIBUS Building Operations you can optimise your maintenance operations by providing relevant information about the space.

I hope these benefits provide food for thought regarding your space management.

If you need some assistance to find the best solution for your needs, Excitech can help, so get in touch.

To find out more about ARCHIBUS and its range of modules, take a look here.

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