Blog Published: 03/11/2020

Blogger - Ian Garwood

Project setup and design stage delivery support – Always looking forward with efficiency and delivery

There are many things to consider when delivering a building services project using Revit MEP but there are three areas that seem to frequently cause delays and rework on many projects that I have encountered:
  • Initial project set up
  • Utilising the full functionality of Revit MEP
  • Over or under delivering on project requirements

Initial project set up

Correct and accurate initial project setup will ensure that integration of other disciplines developing project models goes smoothly and will reduce potential delays caused by the need to rectify model misalignments.

Utilising the full functionality of Revit MEP

Specific circumstances may mean that you do not need everything Revit MEP has to offer. However, quite often I see the full range of productivity tools being under-utilised, and tasks being undertaken outside of Revit MEP and double handling of information, where users have been unaware that it can be quicker, easier and more productive to carry out those same tasks using Revit MEP.

Over or under delivering on project requirements

Understanding the specific level of project delivery requirements will go a long way to ensure that each stage of delivery is what is expected and required. A great deal of time can be lost in either providing too much detail too early on or making up for it later by not providing enough.

Building Services Consulting Services

Excitech’s range of Building Services Consulting services for project setup and design stage project support can help your organisation avoid these all too common issues, and have the added benefit of maximising your investment in Revit MEP and any program of training undertaken by your delivery team.

The potential project related issues outlined here are largely avoidable with the right level of support, and as with all of Excitech’s consultancy services there are additional benefits that include reduced risk, efficiency gains, and a competitive advantage.

Project set up and model coordination

Set up and coordination will be bespoke to your particular project and related project models. With a comprehensive review of the relevant project requirements and existing models, we will assist your team by ensuring that project setup and coordination is robust and ready to accommodate the changes you may encounter as your own and your project partners models change and are developed throughout the process.

Support for design stage project delivery

Support is a broad term, so in this article I have focussed on some high level areas, but within each of these areas there will be a wider range of specific topics that in themselves can result in frustrating delays, and unplanned rework. The correct level of appropriate support at the right time can be highly effective in keeping projects on schedule and keeping staff motivated. It can introduce new thinking, new working practices, and efficiencies that will become an integral part of your business as it develops and moves forward with the use of Revit MEP for building services projects.    

Find out more about our Building Services Consulting services HERE.

About the author

  • Ian Garwood

Ian Garwood


Ian’s background in Mechanical Engineering and focus on a wide range of technology solutions and workflows places him ideally to assist in many aspects of project delivery and product training. Ian is a Revit MEP Autodesk Certified Professional and an Autodesk Certified Instructor, with a passion for working with our clients to exploit investment in technology and training.

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