Blog Published: 15/11/2018

Blogger - Terry Dean

The importance of Revit training

How many times do we hear the phrase, “Return of investment (ROI)”? Inevitably everyone, no matter what industry, or discipline, or company size, wants to achieve this. After laying out hard earned money for software and hardware, it’s time to get the most from this investment. I strongly believe that classroom-based training is the most efficient and effective method of achieving this in the shortest time.

This is particularly important with products such as Revit, where making early mistakes in the structure of the model can be far harder to resolve at a later stage in the design, so ensuring you’re right first time is important. Good foundations from a Revit training course can establish sound habits from the start.

Whether you’re the employer or employee, knowing the benefits of a Revit training course is essential. From the employer perspective, regular training will ensure the workforce is fully up-to-date with the tools they are using. Training can also be an excellent motivator, confidence builder and reassures the employee that they are valued and are using the tools in the right way.

Over the years I have provided training on a variety of Autodesk products. Delegates attending my courses have often asked, “How long has that tool or feature been available?” and are always shocked to discover it’s been around for many years and wished they’d known about it sooner. It is a consistent reminder of the need for everyone to keep their skills current, especial with the rate Autodesk updates their software.

Attending a Revit training course quite often leads to delegates not only learning the scheduled content but often can provide information relating to other beneficial products, procedures and courses. Even the change of scenery can be beneficial.

A challenge some delegates find is that after identifying a need for training, it’s sometimes hard to justify time spent outside of the office, as this takes away from projects. But can you afford not to be trained and not gain the full potential out of your tools? At Excitech, we fully appreciate and understand this dilemma and will explore options such as weekend training and splitting courses.

Excitech’s Revit training courses cater for the beginner right through to those needing to explore specialist areas. We also provide training on many Autodesk products, as well as other partner products. We will even design a private course specifically for your precise needs and can offer training at our purpose designed training centres or your chosen location. So, there is no reason to hold back as every day spent struggling your way through, often missing the most efficient way to do things, can be wasting time and money.

About the author

  • Terry Dean

Terry Dean

Application Specialist

Terry has been providing training for over 31 years, and is an Autodesk Certified Professional in AutoCAD and Revit Architecture, as well as an Autodesk Certified Instructor. With a wealth of background knowledge and experience, Terry has delivered projects for a large number of clients across the UK, including Arup, BAA, Redrow Homes, Fosters and Gensler. His training delegates often praise his patience in ensuring that they have absorbed the knowledge needed to develop the necessary skills on their chosen platform.

Terry is the back bone of the training team, and is responsible for training his fellow Excitech trainers to ensure consistency in quality.

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