Blog Published: 06/11/2018

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Save Time and Reduce Risk with Excitech Project Support Services

As BIM Level 2 has not only started to drive increased demand for more efficiently delivered projects, but also the expectation of higher quality, accuracy and performance for projects that are not BIM Level 2.  Clients and contractors alike are often left exposed by contract terminology and understanding what they’ve asked for or signed up to deliver.  

More and more contracts are including terminology that adds inherent risk to both parties. Imposing delivery of more than needed or more than one realises they are obligated to deliver. 

The obvious and more frequently used terms like ‘deliver COBie’ or ‘deliver to BIM Level 2’ often miss the mark entirely and upon investigation are not always what is needed by the client or indeed useful to either party. Other terminology that creeps in adding exponential risk includes; clash free delivery, 4D, 5D, As-built, LOD 500 (or 7), and more. Whilst some clients are terminology savvy and know what they are asking for, others don’t. The risks here for the project, and all stakeholders involved, are enormous and can lead to massive time delays and unforeseen costs. 

To safeguard themselves, our clients often share project contract documentation with our specialist construction team. This highly skilled and well-versed team scan for any such terms that can lead to extra work or result in more risk than expected, and set about to help both parties achieve a contract that serves the best outcome. 

Unfortunately, many contractors bid on contracts accepting the terms specified without fully understanding the implications of what they are signing up to deliver, or equally as risky, adopting the Architects BEP (BIM Execution Plan) without taking the time to develop their own. 

It is at this point that we are often brought in. Either by the Client to act as their Information Manager to protect and de-risk them and the contractors in all aspects of the delivery and structure of project information, or by the Contractor acting as the BIM Manager or Clash Manager with the sole purpose of managing the project so it meets the requirements and deliverables of the contract. 

These three roles; Information Manager ¦ BIM Manager ¦ Clash Manager are vitally important as they not only protect each party, they also allow Excitech to integrate directly with the project delivery team and supply chain, bringing a wealth of knowledge and industry experience to the client and main contractor. 

This approach also helps our clients to learn on the job, apply best practice techniques and implement workflows and processes that ensure future and long-term success. We work together to control quality of delivery, ensure understanding, adherence and delivery to the BEP/EIR, and quickly detect and plug any potential barriers to success - such as skills or technology gaps in the supply chain.

Key services delivered as part of these roles include:
•    BEP
•    EIR
•    Information Audit
•    Clash Detection
•    Model Audit
•    Bid Support

Depending on the project or team maturity, and needs of our client and their project, a range of other services could also be provided. 

In summary, don’t fall into the trap of accepting a contract without fully understanding the definition behind the terminology. If in doubt, we strongly suggest reaching out to the Client to seek clarification or get in touch with our expert team for some advice.  

Also, don’t accept a BEP that you have not compiled yourself based on your company’s ability to deliver. That goes for both pre and post tender BEP.

Click here to learn more about Project Support. 

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