Blog Published: 15/06/2018

Blogger - Alec Milton

The Risks of Bypassing Approval Processes

No matter how many times you may have checked over a document, it is highly likely that there will be something you have missed. Even if this only a minor error like a spelling mistake, passing your work over to someone else to review before sending it out can save you from embarrassment, and even money in an architect's or engineer's case.

Let’s take the example of a floor plan. You’ve checked countless times that every room has a window and door and are 100% sure that they are all in the right place. To ensure you meet your deadline, you send it straight out to the contractor without passing it over to your senior architect to approve.

Whilst bypassing approval may have helped you meet your deadline, it also may have just put your company’s reputation and project budget at risk without you knowing. It has been brought to the senior architect’s attention that one of the room sizes doesn’t measure up and that a few of the doors have been put in the wrong place. Although these errors are easily rectifiable and more than likely to be picked up by the contractor before building work commences, this isn’t always the case and can end up costing your company an unnecessary amount of money to fix.

Ideally, you’d have software in place that would allow you to send the document to a colleague for approval with the click of a button or from directly within your design software, eliminating the need to print out expensive and time consuming hard copies of documents which need to be reviewed.

With document and drawing management software, you can put documents through workflows which comply with BIM Level 2 standards (Work in Progress, Work in Progress for Approval etc) and automatically send the document to an approver who can make comments and mark up the document, regardless of whether they are in the office or not.

Watch the video below to learn how this is achievable with our document and drawing management software solution Excitech DOCS.

Please note that whilst this video shows an example of a drawing being marked-up, this can be done with any document.

To learn more about our document and drawing management software solution Excitech DOCS, please call us on 01992 807 444 or click on the button below.

About the author

  • Alec Milton

Alec Milton

Head of Document Management Solutions

Alec joined Excitech from Arup Group Ltd where he lead the development of engineering software applications as director of the Technical Software Group. He was simultaneously the managing director of Oasys Ltd where he spent 13 years commercialising Arup’s software products. Alec is a Fellow of the British Computer Society and a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering Designers.

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