Blog Published: 29/07/2019

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Opening our doors to FREE training – Reflecting on the Excitech training event

My role as Training Delivery Manager for Excitech means I tend to spend a lot of my time in the office. However, just over a week ago I had the pleasure of being let out to meet a few of our clients. Excitech were providing free sample training sessions and the opportunity to meet some of our trainers.

We have a terrific training centre in the heart of the City of London, which is very popular with our customers. Our aim was to showcase this centre and more importantly some of the extremely capable people who have been responsible for delivery so much technical knowledge over the years.

We provided twelve separate one-hour training presentations, spread across two separate rooms, covering eleven discrete subject matters. At the heart of this were a number of CAD Training courses, including sessions on Revit, Dynamo, Visualisation and Manufacturing. The eleven sessions comprised: Most of the sessions were very well attended, with the Dynamo session proving so much so, that we ended up putting on two sessions. To provide the expertise, we had six trainers on hand, each an expert in their own subject area.

During the day, we also had an opportunity to learn a little more about our own customers, so took time to have a chat. It was great hearing about their individual industries and stories, and to learn about thoughts on how they educate themselves or their own teams. It was particularly heartening to learn that in many cases “training” is embedded as part of their company culture, and classroom training is still the preferred method for the majority of our clients. Furthermore, it was interesting to learn, that many view the “basic training” course as only part of the journey and not the destination, so most saw the value in more advanced training.

It was a long day, but hopefully many who came along will have learnt something and some will visit us again for further training. We have some very talented people here at Excitech who can help unscramble the complexities of some amazing products, helping you eat-up the miles of that personal learning journey.

Interested in finding out more? Click here to find out more about our portfolio of CAD training courses which are available in our London centre or any of our other training centres. Or why not enquire about in-company CAD training which can be delivered at a location of your choice.

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