Blog Published: 19/12/2018

Blogger - Jamie Iskander

Is Your Business As Mobile As It Could Be?

No matter how well organised the file structure within your business is, one of the main issues with the organisation of data today is that the majority of it is inaccessible via your mobile devices.

With today’s rapid increase of mobile working and the pace of technological change, we should be able to view, mark-up, edit and approve documents on the go directly from our favourite miniature supercomputers; our mobile phones.

"my phone is an extension of my arm".

Despite the fact that many people nowadays do not even own a desktop PC, mobility is something that many businesses are slow to adapt to.  

This thinking applies to all businesses today,  but even more so within the construction sector. Why? Everyday, numerous photographs are taken onsite of snags, defects or simply views of the structure so far, most of which will be taken on a mobile device.

What happens to these images once you are back in the office however? In most cases, you’d have to plug your mobile device into your laptop and drop the images into a folder on a file server somewhere which is quite a long and manual process. Can you be sure that you or your colleagues could find them months later?

Imagine you could upload those photos directly to your document management system from your mobile device, associate them with a project, and locate them based on the most minimal information you know about them from your mobile device whilst out on-site. Not only would this save huge amounts of time, it would also prevent difficulty when you or your colleagues are locating the images at a later date. 

This can all be achieved with automated document and drawing management software like Excitech DOCS. Know who took the photos? You can search by name. Or which month they were taken in? You could create a filter to view all photos taken within a particular month. 

In addition to searching for documents based on minimal information, it will also provide users with information about where the photos were taken using geolocation properties which are already embedded into photos taken with smartphones. For example this could prove useful if you have captured defects on-site where the location is unidentifieable from the photo alone. With our document and drawing managament software Excitech DOCS you can view exactly where this photo was taken on a map.

You'll also be able to view all project emails filtered by company, contact or by project via all mobile platforms as they are helpfully converted from email form to PDF form for easy reading.

Excitech DOCS is a forward thinking and easy solution which allows you to view drawings, photos and emails all from a single source of truth. To learn more about our document and drawing management software solution, please call us on 01992 807 444 or click on the button below.

About the author

  • Jamie Iskander

Jamie Iskander

DMS Customer Success Manager

After graduating with a MEng in Chemical Engineering Jamie has extensive experience in Engineering, Technical Sales and Business Development driving new business and opportunities in both developing and existing markets, including software pre-sales consultancy, design engineering and process development.

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