Blog Published: 14/12/2018

Blogger - Geoff Alder

Autodesk training that helps with everyday workflows

I recent carried out a course at a client’s office that was essentially a workshop on new features that would be useful in their day-to-day workflow.

This Autodesk training did not describe how to use certain tools but to look at features that I thought would be useful to them.

The course introduced many aspects that the client was not using. I was quite intrigued that they were not looking at certain features, such as external references and image attachments, that I thought were common place in recent years. This made me think quite deeply that as a trainer it’s my job to support our clients to achieve their ultimate goals.

The client had not previously used external references. But more importantly they didn’t know what an external reference is or how to use it. Their workflow involved receiving a drawing from existing data, editing it and save the drawing with a new name.

During the course, I demonstrated the functions of how to use the external references. This was then expanded into introducing Layer filters. We looked at Group filters, Properties filter and the Layer State Manager. Working together with the external references, we filtered out layers not required, created a filter of layers in the new drawing that included As Build from the external references which was also required in the current drawing.

The course became very dynamic with many delegates really looking at how this could be implemented in their daily workflow. This moved the course on with energy and I felt quite humbled that what I was training was absorbed so readily.

I look at this course, I see that the client did not ask for a class on External References, but that the course evolved with the aim to improve their workflows.

Learning AutoCAD or any of the Autodesk applications through Autodesk training is dynamically beneficial as this workshop has demonstrated. The transposition of knowledge worked exceptionally well as the delegates on this course clearly saw areas that would benefit implementing the External References.

I was also quite excited that an area they were also looking at was another aspect that we can consider external reference, and that was inserting point cloud data from ReCap. A demonstration of the features within the Point Cloud indicating the simplicity of extracting edges and corner points.

On completion of the course the group were very enthusiastic on how they will move forward, expressing how important it was to have Autodesk training as they particularly did not know what tools or applications would help them.

On reflection of this workshop, having Autodesk training allows myself the trainer to support the client with the correct workflow and not be restricted to a single application.

At Excitech we provide a wide range of Autodesk training courses, whether you’re looking for scheduled, private or a workshop like this example. Courses can be delivered off-the-shelf or tailored to an organisation’s exact needs. Take a look at our full range of courses here.

About the author

  • Geoff Alder

Geoff Alder

Application Specialist

Geoff Alder has been training Autodesk applications for 25 years. He came into training from practical experience in the building industry.  He has designed and carried out technical training all over the world.
Geoff is a particularly dedicated trainer on 3D applications and has won awards from Autodesk for training on 3ds max.

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