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The ARCHIBUS space console provides a multi-faceted view of your estate in one place

Within the last few years, ARCHIBUS has made significant developments to the Console tools across the applications, which allows users to perform tasks and report on key areas within one single view.

The first Console ARCHIBUS developed was the Space Planner Console, which later split into the Workspace Transactions Console and the Space Console. Further Consoles were then developed for Building Operations, Asset Lifecycle, Lease Portfolio, Commissioning, and Management, listed here in no particular order. Now, with the release of ARCHIBUS V24.1, there will be a new Console for Moves Management to manage all individual and group moves.

The Consoles are multi-faceted tools for you to perform operational tasks and report on key areas of your estate, located all in one place. Being in one area allows you to access one view to manage all relevant tasks, which in turn negates the need for users to navigate to lots of different views to carry out these tasks.

The ARCHIBUS Space Console
As a consultant primarily dealing with Space Management, the primary Console of interest for me is the Space Console. There is a wealth of information that can be retrieved and updated within this one view, with lots of features for modifying the information displayed along with various outputs. I have found this an extremely useful tool to review and change room properties and assignments, as well as running thematic highlights, edits, drag and drop editing of space and occupancy, reports, even exports and changes to visible fields. The functionality in this one view is endless!


The Space Console offers both Space and Occupancy data in one convenient place:
  • The space mode focuses on your rooms and their assigned categories and departments. You can perform space related tasks such as:
    • Review a floor plan highlighted by department or division assignment
    • Change a room's division or department assignment
    • Re-categorise a room, such as convert a conference room to an employee office
    • Export room and floor data to Excel or Word
  • The occupancy mode focuses on where employees are situated within the estate, and you can perform occupancy related tasks such as:
    • Assign personnel to rooms
    • View occupancy plan
    • View vacant space
With both modes, you can search for records, create data, access floor plans and make changes right on the floor plan.

ARCHIBUS Space Console - The Features
To help you find the data that you require, the Console's Location Filter allows you to restrict the data displayed. You can filter on many properties such as; vacancy, capacity, department assignment, floor and so on.

The middle section then presents a list of floor plans and displays basic information for each floor based on the filter criteria set above. Here users can also change the information displayed.

The plans are then displayed from the selected floor and highlights the space by division. You can change the highlights and labels to see information of the rooms by any space classification you have defined, from category, to type, to division, to department, and so on.

You can click on a number of floors to display multiple plans at once, so you get a full overview of your space across one whole building, or even multiple buildings.
You can set a highlight and filter across division assignments and see all floors allocated with highlights across the plans, in one view, thus, giving you a rich set of data, reports and drawings. These can be easily exported out into other formats.

Users also have the option to modify and update information across the rooms. Tools allow you to re-assign departments, update space categories and edit rooms. You can also assign, remove and move employees by simply dragging and dropping them from one room to another, then run occupancy plans and query vacant space.

In the most recent ARCHIBUS Version 23 there is a new feature within the Console to achieve 3D visualisations of buildings and floors, together with the powerful analytics, highlights, and filters of the Space Console. Users can then switch seamlessly from 2D to 3D for buildings and floors that are published in 3D from Revit to see how systems and spaces connect throughout the building.

User selection of highlighted Meeting space viewed in 3D across 3 floors of one building

It is good to see that ARCHIBUS are developing this functionality across a wide range of the applications within the core product.

Find out more about ARCHIBUS here.

Or get in touch with us to see how the Consoles can help you

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