Blog Published: 12/08/2020

Blogger - Ian Garwood

Technical Reviews and Assessments - Keeping your building services project on track

Have you ever started that home improvement project only to find out that you haven’t got everything you need, you’re not sure if the tools you have will do the job, and you have spent too much time going back to the DIY store rather than working on the project itself?

Many of the project related engagements I am involved with come at times where it becomes apparent that something is not quite right, at which point it can quickly turn into fighting fires, with original costing, resourcing and delivery just something else to worry about. Excitech’ s Technical reviews and assessments are designed to pre-empt issues where possible, to steady the ship and to help prevent those time-consuming trips to the DIY store.
Excitech’s range of technical reviews and assessments for your building services project offer solutions to start your project, and to keep it on track both technically and commercially. It’s not just about how you are using Revit MEP, it’s also about how Revit MEP and the associated workflows and project requirements integrate with your organisation. Depending on your circumstances, you may want to assess your organisations readiness to take on your first project, you may already be delivering a project and need a snap shot of the health of your project model, or you may be looking for something a bit more all-encompassing that provides an ongoing review of not only the project model and related data but that also considers your delivery team and their ongoing skills needs and development.

Whatever your requirements, Excitech’ s technical reviews and assessments have a common theme, each of them are designed to offer:
  • Reduced risk
  • Efficiency gains
  • Reduced project delays
  • A competitive advantage

Pre-project assessment

Consider the Pre-project assessment as a way to assess your organisations readiness to deliver a project. With a comprehensive overview of the relevant aspects of your organisation you will be in a great position to address any issues that may impact on your ability to deliver before the project even starts. Detailed reports and dashboards will highlight areas of potential concern, giving you the information to plan and budget for that first or next project.

Model health check

Project already underway? A model health check will give you a snapshot of your project models at a time of your choosing, with ongoing staged reviews of project information, if required. Detailed reports allow you to focus specifically on the areas that need to be addressed before your project models are submitted for information or coordination purposes, allowing for better planning, costing, and resourcing.

Technical project review

A technical project review provides an initial review of project setup followed by ongoing reviews of the project models, the delivery team and the efficient use of Revit within your organisation. With reports and feedback throughout this service will keep your project on track and advance your delivery team’s skills and understanding. The level of engage with an Excitech consultant will be discussed and agreed, with the frequency of those engagements set to suit yourself and the project stage.
Ensure your project begins from a position of strength and stays on track throughout using Excitech’s technical reviews and assessments.

For more information about our Building Services Consultancy Services, visit our website HERE.

About the author

  • Ian Garwood

Ian Garwood


Ian’s background in Mechanical Engineering and focus on a wide range of technology solutions and workflows places him ideally to assist in many aspects of project delivery and product training. Ian is a Revit MEP Autodesk Certified Professional and an Autodesk Certified Instructor, with a passion for working with our clients to exploit investment in technology and training.

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