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“Bisley Stage”, an Excitech app created for Bisley Office Furniture

Excitech are the largest Autodesk Platinum Partner in the UK, authorised as an Autodesk certification and training centre alongside a dedicated customer service helpdesk, supporting our customers with all their enquiries related to software, hardware and everything in-between in order to keep their offices running smoothly and staff working efficiently. However, did you know that we also have extensive software developing experience with CAD Checker and Revit Toolkit being just two of our most popular offerings?

We recently collaborated with Bisley Office Furniture to develop the “Bisley Stage” app which is now available to download from the App store. “Bisley Stage” is a highly adaptable furniture system that delivers style, colour and utility to the home, home office and workplace.  This configuration App enables users to create their own bespoke furnishing solution by either editing pre-configured assemblies or building a configuration from scratch.

Utilising the full touch-screen potential of the iPad, the configuration process is simple and intuitive. Realistic rendered 3D Stage configurations can be rotated, panned and zoomed.  Sizes and material finishes/colours can be dynamically adjusted down to individual pack levels – both during or after the configuration process.

The overall size of the configuration is updated in real time – as is the Recommended Selling Price (RSP) of the packs used in the bespoke creation.



Bisley "Stage" App - iPad Demo



This has been an interesting project for us and demonstrates the natural evolution of bespoke application development. Our relationship with Bisley began many years ago.  Our first “configurator” style project was developed back in the 90’s. This was a windows based programme that creates configurations of their high density storage product, some rather “old school” looking screen shots below:

Many experts are proclaiming mobile technology as “the biggest shift in technology since the advent of the Internet”. The “Bisley Stage” project demonstrates our desire to adopt new technology as per the requirements of our customers.

Our capabilities don’t end with configurators for Manufacturers either!  We have also developed some applications for the management of drawings and data through a BlueCielo Meridian mobile application.


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