Design Automation

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Design Automation (iLogic Config 360 & Custom Programming)


iLogic is included within the Autodesk Inventor application and enables rules-based design, providing a simple way to capture and reuse your work. iLogic can be used to standardise and automate design processes and configure your virtual products.

iLogic embeds rules as objects directly into part, assembly, and drawing documents. The rules determine and drive parameter and attribute values for your design. By controlling these values, you can define behaviour of the attributes, features, and components of a model. Knowledge is saved and stored directly in the documents, like how geometric design elements are stored. iLogic rules can utilise custom parameter types now available in Inventor, such as text, true/false, and multi-value lists. You can use these parameter types to write rules that involve more than numeric input values. Designers and engineers can implement iLogic automation functions with little or no programming experience.


Excitech provides both training and project support by enabling customers to automate their own designs within Autodesk Inventor utilising this powerful technology.
Training Options  I  Call 01992 807 444 or email for further information on iLogic consultancy services aligned to your specific application.

The following video provides an overview of what iLogic automation sets out to achieve.

And this case study video shows how iLogic helped Houdini to be able to design faster, smarter and more accurately:

Autodesk Configurator 360

Autodesk Configurator 360 is an Autodesk hosted web based service for product configuration.

Companies use Configurator 360 to create product configuration web applications for use by customers or clients. A simple operation converts a working design in Autodesk Inventor, to a running web-based configuration application.

The Configurator 360 add-in to Inventor provides the capability to upload designs directly from Inventor to the Configurator 360 cloud service. 

As an administrator, you can brand your site with your company name and logo. Control the designs that each client sees, what outputs they generate, and customise several aspects of the system.

It is not necessary for your end user to download applications, or sign-in to access Configurator 360's basic features. Your customers and colleagues can modify parameters, view the resulting files, and download them. Clients and end users can request more information from you providing additional lead generation for your own sales teams.

Autodesk Configurator provides the answer to such requirements associated to mass customisation. It provides the platform for end customers to define their own deliverable whilst remaining within the design boundaries set by the manufacturer.

Excitech provides both training and project support by enabling customers to host their own automation projects for mass customisation.
Call 01992 807 444 or email for further information on training and Autodesk Configurator 360 consultancy services aligned your specific application.

The following deep dive video provides an overview of how iLogic can be used in conjunction with Autodesk Configurator 360. The automation built within the model is simply hosted upon a cloud platform providing access for consumers to adjust options and watch the model update in alignment to their specific requirements.

Autodesk iLogic & Configurator 360 Customer Success Story

“Configurator 360 has helped reduce the time it takes the Mabey Bridge team to generate a quote from days to just minutes, with 50% of its budget quotes now generated in this way”.

The following video provides further information on Mabey Bridge and their business transformation in utilising such technologies including, Autodesk Inventor, Inventor iLogic, Autodesk Configurator 360, 3ds Max & Autodesk BIM 360. There is also a pdf which is available for download.

Custom Programming

Whilst there are many off the shelf solutions to provide automation, we appreciate that customers will also want to develop their own ideas and associated applications. The Excitech team can enhance existing technologies to extend the out of the box functionality or even create bespoke custom applications from scratch. 

Call 01992 807 444 or email to organise an initial exploratory meeting where a representative will review and discuss your specific requirements. 

The following example provides a project completed by Excitech, through the creation of a custom iPad App, built specifically for Bisley. The App provided a way for consumers of their product range to automatically build different modules together in turn creating a unique configuration specific to each order.

For further information on this project, please look at our comprehensive write up Here


A managed BIM process brings huge benefits to the delivery of projects today, and with protocols and standards the government has mandated all projects involved with central funding should now be developed in line with the principles and practices of BIM.

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