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Achieve more than you can imagine, and imagine how much more you can achieve

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Find time to innovate, develop new ideas and push the boundaries to design, market and sell better products using Industry 4.0 design strategies and associated technologies.

Meet customer needs with pinpoint precision

Industry 4.0, also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is upon us. In the true nature of a revolution, things will never be the same again, the future of making is now.

In product design and manufacturing, technology now delivers the capability to mass produce and micro-specialise, to design for the many and respond to the individual demands of the few, and to do more than may ever have been imagined, with less than may ever have been thought possible.

Expand your concepts, extend your vision

Automation, artificial intelligence, generative design, and many other technologies and techniques are converging. Together they deliver the smartest computing, most immersive visualisation, and inclusive collaboration for how products are conceived and evolved and how concepts are translated from models to machines; from inspiration to realisation.

Innovation for leaders

As these waves of change enable the promise of process transformation and support growth and enhanced revenue and profit opportunities, they require a bold and innovative new approach in design and manufacturing ways of thinking. The challenge for every business is in selecting the most appropriate technologies depending on the technology maturity stage of the business. This is where Excitech can help with the future of making; enabling you to stake your claim in a changing world rather than following on behind while others lead.


Why not see how ready your business is for The Future Of Making. Simply complete this online assessment to receive a personalised report of your readiness in the five key areas critical to competitive advantage, plus some suggestions on improving your readiness.

  • Mass Customisation
  • Collaboration
  • Flexible Manufacturing
  • Customer Experience
  • Smart Services

Take Assessment

Should you wish to discuss technology specifically tailored to your given industry, please email or call us on 01992 807 444. We can then organise a personalised 1:1 exploratory meeting to review and address your specific business needs.

Excitech provide scheduled classes, bespoke 1:1 custom training, consultancy & technical support through the many possibilities available through the range of technologies, ensuring you derive maximum benefit for optimum outcome.
Training  Consultancy  Technical Support 

When subscribing through Excitech, additional supplementary toolsets developed specifically by customer feedback are available free of charge to further drive productivity and optimise your workflow. 
Toolkit for Inventor  Toolkit for AutoCAD  Toolkit for Revit  Toolkit for Civil 3D


A managed BIM process brings huge benefits to the delivery of projects today, and with protocols and standards the government has mandated all projects involved with central funding should now be developed in line with the principles and practices of BIM.

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