Take advantage of huge opportunities for increased specification and product inclusion within projects, through BIM

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The role of the manufacturer today is more demanding as models and data are expected to be supplied for a project. Every manufacturer and fabricator of products for the construction industry should be aware of how the implementation of BIM by its customers opens up opportunities for increased specification and product inclusion within projects.

Excitech’s services are designed to help you compete in the BIM world. Whether you are an equipment manufacturer wishing to optimise your product through simulation, get to market quicker and ultimately have the freedom to innovate in a highly competitive world. Or, whether you wish to ensure that your products are featured in BIM libraries and industry available web sites to make them far easier for architects and designers to use; Excitech’s breadth of knowledge and expertise in assisting manufacturers can accelerate your project delivery and make you best in class.

The Benefits of BIM for Manufacturers

The information embedded in the model elements will depend on the types of product, such as building services, furniture, windows, etc. Once your element is selected and placed into a model, you’re in business. Your product is highlighted in schedules and material take-offs generated by other members of the project team.

Some key benefits prevail:

  • Fewer queries from designers
  • Differentiation of products/supplier
  • Product preference at design time, during specification and during construction
  • Increased marketing leads
  • Enables you to participate in a collaborative BIM workflow

Excitech services for manufacturers

  • Wide range of consultancy services: We can help you understand the intricacies of BIM, advising on project tenders, project delivery, component and system content creation as well as BIM execution plans. Offering you a greater understanding of your business through our business process assessments.
  • Design software and support: As an Autodesk Platinum Partner and accredited partner of the leading AEC software vendors, we can fulfil all your software needs.   We also provide best of breed support to ensure you make appropriate use of the capabilities that software delivers.
  • Training: We help you develop the professional competencies of your staff. Our industry-experienced, Autodesk Certified, skilled Application Specialists and Trainers bring many years’ experience of product and industry insights.
  • IT infrastructure and systems: From sourcing, customising, configuring and installing, through to managed services, we will deliver the best IT solutions for your needs.
  • Document management:  We can evaluate how you manage your documents now and recommend the most failsafe way of doing so in the future; keeping all your information secure, accessible and, if applicable, BIM-compliant.
We can guide you in areas such as:
  • Collaboration
  • Improved productivity
  • Better presentation and design understanding
  • Reduced requests for information
  • Faster drawing production
  • Reduced risk
  • Content creation
  • Production of product data templates
  • Product interoperability
  • Market exposure
  • Required level of detail and information
  • Workflow and processes

Design Productivity Review

We offer a service that will maximise the returns on your software and people investment by creating new efficiencies. We call it the Design Productivity Review. Contact your Account Manager today or call us on 01992 807 444 to find out more about this unique value added service. It could save you thousands £££ and help to streamline your business. 

A managed BIM process brings huge benefits to the delivery of projects today, and with protocols and standards the government has mandated all projects involved with central funding should now be developed in line with the principles and practices of BIM.

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