Excitech technology enables main and sub-contractors to gain valuable operational benefit from the BIM process

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Construction companies, both main contractors and sub-contractors, are seeing a change in the way they deliver information to the client at handover. Information has to be in a standardised, consistent, and complete format to meet requirements specified by a client.

Information collated on the building and the assets for the maintenance of the building during soft landings and the operations phase has to comply with the project and clients’ requirements of Building Information Modelling (BIM) which, although mandatory on government sponsored contracts, is now permeating the entire construction industry.

The change in working practices necessitated by BIM puts the main contractor in the spotlight on two fronts; a requirement to make sure that all sub-contractors are BIM-compliant and a responsibility for ensuring that all the information is correctly handed over, meeting BIM requirements.

Excitech consultants work with main and sub-contractors to establish that correct workflow and information is being delivered and the technology required to deliver this is implemented correctly. Field BIM is allowing the contractor to take the models and associated metadata onto site, thereby knowing that the information they are looking at is the latest available on the project.

The benefits of Field BIM

Enhancing building visualisation for teams on site: they can walk around with a virtual build in front of them on tablets as opposed to paper.

Using Field BIM, sub-contractors can visualise what they are going to do rather than referring to a 2D drawing. This allows the team to resolve problems and highlight coordination issues in a far more efficient manner than traditional communication. Any snagging can be accurately located in the model and passed back to the responsible party to resolve.

Ongoing responsibilities

We are starting to see the introduction of Government Soft Landings (GSL), in which the contractor is required to assist Facilities Management closely in running the building for one to three years resolving maintenance issues and training the client in the operational aspects of the building. Another aspect of GSL is to prove that the sustainability and energy performance in the design represent building performance.

Our services and support include:

  • Wide range of consultancy services: We can help you understand the intricacies of areas such as BIM, compliance, and collaboration, helping you improve your business processes and identify growth opportunities
  • Software and support: As an Autodesk Platinum Partner and accredited partner of the leading AEC software vendors, we can fulfil all your software needs.   We also provide best of breed support to ensure you make appropriate use of the capabilities that software delivers.
  • Training: We help you develop the professional competencies of your staff. Our industry-experienced, Autodesk Certified, skilled Application Specialists and Trainers bring many years’ experience of product and industry insights.
  • IT infrastructure and systems: From sourcing, customising, configuring and installing, through to managed services, we will deliver the best IT solutions for your needs.
  • Document management:  We can evaluate how you manage your documents now and recommend the most failsafe way of doing so in the future; keeping all your information secure, accessible and, if applicable, BIM-compliant.
We can guide you in areas such as:
  • Better presentation
  • Improved construction project understanding
  • Access to BIM-mandated projects
  • Reduced tendering costs
  • Accuracy of costing
  • Reduced cost and increased predictability
  • Improved sustainability/energy performance
  • Accelerated project delivery
  • Reduced production time
  • Better communication and coordination
  • Reduced requests for information
  • Reduced rework
  • Reduced risk
  • Improved quality, less rework
  • Easier scheduling
  • Better client delivery including handover/FM
  • Better commercial performance/profitability

Click on the below for further information on the construction services on offer:

Augmented Reality

BIM Management

Clash Detection Utilising Navisworks

Clash Management

Health and Safety

Information Management

Level 3 Verification and validation

Model Auditing and Reporting

Next Generation Clash Detection

Optimised Logistics Management Utilising Revit and Dynamo

Pre and Post Contract BIM Execution Plan (BEP)

Project Reporting and Analytics

Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Quantity Take-off and Estimation

Short Term Lean Work Package Planning

Tag and Track

Tempory Works with SketchUp

Virtual Reality
More services coming soon

Design Productivity Review

We offer a service that will maximise the returns on your software and people investment by creating new efficiencies. We call it the Design Productivity Review. Contact your Account Manager today or call us on 01992 807 444 to find out more about this unique value added service. It could save you thousands £££ and help to streamline your business. 

A managed BIM process brings huge benefits to the delivery of projects today, and with protocols and standards the government has mandated all projects involved with central funding should now be developed in line with the principles and practices of BIM.

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