BIM for Owners / Occupiers

Excitech helps you make sense of and gain business and operational benefit from structured, accurate, and complete data delivered within a BIM framework; driving efficiency, increasing project certainty, on-time project completion, and greater asset value retention.

For building owner/occupiers, structured, accurate, and complete data provided within a BIM framework is delivering projects faster and at costs that can come in around 10 to 20% lower than originally anticipated.
For operations teams, CAFM solutions in conjunction with BIM are making it possible to reduce asset management and maintenance costs and manage property assets far more efficiently than ever before.

Meet BIM process requirements

Certain procedural stages have to be followed for every BIM project. This is not just about simply ticking boxes. It is about meeting requirements through the project lifecycle that make sure that the information provided meets all the needs and requirements for facility management during use.
This is a process that makes the platform for collaboration and efficiency at the heart of BIM robust, reliable and of practical value for all parties to any project.

Step-by-step guidance from Excitech

Excitech BIM services are designed to make a process that could appear to be complicated into a logical, unobtrusive, simple and valuable part of your standard workflows. This covers elements such as:

  • Organisational Information Requirements (OIR) – The information required by the client and external teams for the ongoing operation of the completed built asset.
  • Asset Information Requirements (AIR) – Informed by the above, covering the specific asset information requirements
  • Asset Information Model (AIM) – The data and information related to or required for the operation of an asset
  • Employer's Information Requirements (EIR) – The overall project definition and information requirements