BIM for Manufacturers

We assist manufacturers in developing content, structuring BIM objects and deploying them to maximum competitive advantage through national BIM libraries and stores, making them easier for architects and designers to use and specify.

The information that manufacturers deliver into the BIM environment helps make everyone else in the supply chain more efficient. The old saying rings true in the world of BIM: “content is king”.

Efficiency starts here

As manufacturers make more roundly developed BIM models available, designers and architects can specify more easily, contractors and sub-contractors can tender more effectively, and owner/occupiers can run their assets more efficiently and cost-effectively. Excitech helps manufacturers to take up their place at the starting point of this ‘virtuous circle’.

The simple way to increase sales

The implementation of BIM creates opportunities for increased specification and product inclusion within projects by virtue of simplicity. Across the supply chain BIM comes with both a pressure and a motivation to adopt.

The pressure is based on the government having mandated the use of BIM in any government-sponsored project and this has impacted the whole construction industry. It has done so mainly because BIM makes sense.

This is where the motivation comes in. BIM reduces cost uncertainty, de-risks and accelerates projects, and has rapidly become a powerful platform for collaboration, from design through to completion and handover, increasingly spreading its influence beyond the new build environment and into the world of refurbishment.

BIM object content creation

Excitech helps manufacturers to prepare their products for inclusion in a BIM ecosystem. We have two offerings; Excitech's standard object creation service for manufacturers where we can build your content and you choose where to host it; and an enhanced object creation service powered by the leading, giving you the broadest opportunity to deliver to a global market place alongside leveraging marketing intelligence for your sales teams anywhere at anytime.

Starting from your original documents and 2D drawings we can recreate the physical form in 3D and ensure that it has a definitive data story to go with it; this would include dimensions, functionality, model number, warranty details, maintenance requirements, constituent parts details and so on – everything that will make it easy to specify and, at handover, easy to maintain.

With all that in place you will be ready to achieve maximum exposure to the construction community.

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