BIM for Designers and Engineers

Excitech offers a range of BIM consultancy and training that can get designers and engineers up to speed on using BIM in a collaborative way, increasing efficiency and providing clearer communication of design intent.

The prime requirement for designers and engineers in the world of BIM is to make a rapid transition from CAD over to BIM authoring tools. Making this move will enable them not just to gain the advantages of BIM but to avoid exclusion from projects, an occurrence which is more and more likely for those who might find themselves working with traditional CAD processes in isolation.

Work in collaboration

The efficiencies that BIM makes possible are based on the creation and sharing of reliable data and the collaboration that comes from it. Excitech offers a range of BIM consultancy and training courses that can bring you up to speed on using BIM in a collaborative way.

Clients are increasingly working to BIM standards and expecting their partners and suppliers to do the same; understanding how the Common Data Environment (CDE) works and appreciating the importance of fundamental requirements such as working to industry standards and specifications and Employer’s Information Requirements, which provide the core driving forces for BIM projects.

Excitech’s role is to familiarise you with the key operational elements of BIM, how they link together, and how to use them to link to others in the construction supply chain, from clients themselves through to contractors.

For Designers we provide the know-how and systems that enable you to conform to project standards. These will include the CDE, and the document management system set up to coordinate the design process, facilitate spatial coordination, clash detection and early assessments of how the building might be working.

For engineers, we help in areas such as linking your analysis software to BIM models to enable bidirectional flow between analysis and design.

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