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The intricate pattern of the common spider's web is woven in less than a day and has tensile strength higher than steel and far greater elasticity

Any organisation involved in the design, construction or maintenance of buildings now has to realise that the industry is changing. Information and data are now being exchanged during project delivery in ways that would have surprised us all just a few short years ago.

The design, construction and ownership phases of a project are now being enhanced by better processes and workflows, all underpinned by technology.  The data being generated can be reused right across the project lifecycle from concept design to building maintenance post-handover.

For a brief introduction on how to improve your operational processes and business success click on the industry links below:

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    Building Services

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    Civil Engineering

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    Product Design & Manufacturing

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  • Contractor

    See it virtually before construction begins…

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  • Owner/Occupier

    Computer-aided facilities management increases your reach and enriches your asset…

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  • Structural Engineering
    Structural Engineering

    Today’s steel structures support more than buildings, they underpin efficient building design…

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A managed BIM process brings huge benefits to the delivery of projects today, and with protocols and standards the government has mandated all projects involved with central funding should now be developed in line with the principles and practices of BIM.

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