Excitech Business Continuity

Excitech Business Continuity – COVID-19

With cases of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) increasing daily, Excitech has actively reviewed its readiness for business continuity to ensure that we can continue to protect our employees and support our customers.

Keeping our employees safe and our operations running so we can minimise disruption to our customers is critical to us. As a result, we have reviewed all of our business-critical systems and processes with the view that all of the Excitech team can work remotely.

We have conducted stress tests with our key support teams over the past week to establish the robustness and scalability of our systems and processes to ensure we can achieve business as usual activities when working from home.
  • Over 98% of our staff already have laptops and associated technology to enable remote working.
  • All calls coming to reception will be redirected to our sales support team who are able to connect incoming calls to the right people in our organisation
  • Excitech uses Cisco Jabber as a VOIP tool so all incoming and outgoing calls can be managed on laptops from home offices.
  • All our support and support administration staff are on a telephone hunt group which means anyone calling our support line number 01992 700 188 will be directed to the appropriate person to help them
  • We have the capability to access and support client systems and content remotely.
  • Our accounts and order processing team have reviewed and tested their processes and technologies are able to support business as usual. We have established a rota system for when we need team members to be in the office to manage procurement and deliveries, and have a policy of social distancing in the building on occasions this has to occur.
  • Most of our business-critical systems are accessible in the cloud or can be connected to through VPN.
  • We use Webex for meetings where all of our internal and external meetings will be conducted.
  • There will not be any face-2-face marketing events taking place until further notice.   Some of these events will be adapted to virtual events to ensure we can continue to share learnings and key information with our customers.
  • All services work will be delivered remotely where possible or postponed. In exceptional circumstances we will discuss cancellations with customers
This measured response is designed to ensure business continuity and meet our commitments to customers and employees in a socially responsible way.

As this dynamic situation evolves, we will keep you up to date on any changes that may impact the support we provide you.