We’re always ready to help and support each other, and always looking for the chance to delight our customers

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Building partnerships that stand the test of time

A supportive and high-performance place to work

Our business and our customer relationships are built on mutual trust and openness. It’s who we are and how we do things. The Excitech culture is one of our greatest strengths; creating an environment that is both supportive and rewarding.

Our core values - Excitech people are:


We are future thinkers, providing innovative solutions for our customers.

We are goal-driven and specific in the actions we follow to progress towards achieving our own, and our customers’, goals.

We measure our achievement targets across both timelines and projects, by customer, department, and ultimately by individual; always looking to improve.


We build enduring relationships with our customers based on going the extra mile, and providing a level of expertise that is industry leading.

We are known among our customers for making valuable business contributions which always far exceed the details on the order form.

We do what we say, and deliver what we promise.

We pride ourselves on values of loyalty and integrity.


We never stop asking questions and looking for new ways of understanding our customers’ businesses.

This enables us not only to help each individual customer more, but also to constantly build our knowledge and expand the value of our insights and advice.

We are diligent, always looking to attend to every necessary detail.


Customers value our transparency and honesty.

We’re open with our customers and our staff. Across the company we make ourselves accessible, and at every level we encourage listening, and constructive response.

Knowing that support is there whenever you need it is a great plus for our customers and a reassuring source of continuous personal and professional development for our people.

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