We’re committed to delivering high levels of customer satisfaction and lasting relationships with our customers, so we need likeminded individuals on our team

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Encouraging excellence

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Encouraging success

Since we began, we have worked hard to support our customers’ success; doing everything we can to help them grow their businesses. Today our customers value this quality and the people who work here. We are committed to delivering consistently high levels of customer satisfaction and, in doing so, building enduring relationships with our customers.

The right people

We can only do this with the right people on our team, at every level, in every discipline. Please browse our website to discover more about what we do and gain an overview of how we support the goals and ambitions of people who join us. If you believe we’re right for you, we look forward to hearing from you.

Excitech is an equal opportunities employer and we fully support and encourage diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


We take pride in everything we do. This feeling runs through the company; the idea that we’re in it together, always ready to help and support each other, always looking for the chance to delight our customers.

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Reasons to join

With Excitech you’ll be coming into a company of accomplished and experienced professionals. Systems, processes, and procedures don’t make careers; people and ideas do. You’ll be in the company of talented people bringing great ideas to our customers.

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Learning and development

Our responsibility to our people is to equip them with the skills they need, both technical and inter-personal, to be the best they can be. From initial induction, to ongoing appraisals and specialist technical training and refresher courses as appropriate, we help maintain your career momentum.

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Whilst Excitech continues to grow in revenues and employee numbers, we have always made sure that we maintain an open, trusting and supportive environment.

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