Excitech FM Return-to-Work Functionality

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Whilst the requirement for social distancing remains, with many of us still being required to work from home, the next challenge for those with responsibility for the safety of their workforce is to begin planning the safe return to work.

The Excitech CAFM team have considered the following user needs:

  • Re-allocate space and staff, safely and efficiently
  • Remain compliant with social distancing advice/regulation
  • Highlight, auditable measures taken to enforce social distancing
  • Adhere to different advice/regulation from country to country
  • Auto-recommend safe employee and space distribution
  • Model various new pandemic/return to work scenarios on live or project floors.
Based on these areas Excitech has created a software solution with the primary objective of helping organisations safely manage the return to workplaces of employees – and other users of the estate - following the lockdown period.

Further functionality are listed below:

Graphical analysis and suitability assessment of pre-COVID-19 space and desk allocation


Each desk or individual is assigned an adjustable safe working (social distancing) radius. Any overlap is indicated in yellow/orange/red highlights dependent on the number of times a desk or person allocation would breach social distancing guidelines. 

Manually and automatically edit space and desk allocations to conform to social distancing guidelines/potential Government legislation


Highlighted in yellow, a user has manually edited the allocation of desks to significantly reduce the spaces in use to minimise the overlap. Highlighted in red, a user has run an automated routine to highlight all of the desks that can be utilised without any breach of social distancing guidelines. Applying this across this floorplan reduces capacity from circa 150 (pre-COVID-19) to circa 40.

Both processes can be applied on live floors or to floor plans with proposed layout changes on them, allowing users to model a number of different layout scenarios to maximise safety and efficiency.

Highlight risk levels of all different space areas


Return-to-work allows the quantities of different available space to be highlighted and managed.
The different space types will have a different level of risk which can be displayed within the layers functionality of Excitech FM. 

Highlight space types and new unmanaged assets


With increased focus on the quantity and type of toilets, kitchens, hygiene areas, hand sanitising stations and communal space, basic space and asset management functionality can be used to highlight and manage this more effectively.

Manage thoroughfares and common space:


Excitech FM Return-to-Work also looks to assist users in managing the safe movement of employees throughout the workplace, assisting in the safe management of walkway, corridor and common area usage. It uses heatmaps to highlight high footfall areas, shows thoroughfares which encroach on to sitting space and assist users in taking strategic decision about the best way to route employees through their offices.

Software availability

In order to help organisations through this challenging time, Excitech is providing the software elements of the Return-to-Work planning solution free of charge to existing Excitech FM customers who are on the latest version of the platform.

New users will be able to deploy this element standalone and will only have to pay for the setup and hosting costs of the solution.

Should you be interested in learning more please do not hesitate to get in touch with us using the enquiry form on this page.

For more information on Excitech FM, please visit our product page here.

Note: Further functionality of the Excitech FM Return-to-Work software will continue to be added to this page in the coming weeks.

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