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supraCloud Advantages

supraCloud is the most comprehensive hosted solution provided by ARCHIBUS, offering:

  • A Tomcat Application Server – In Layer 2
  • An isolated database in Layer 3 - Increasing security
  • No limit on Concurrent Users by Server
  • Storage: 10 Gb for Database + 100 Gb for Files included by default + the option to order additional storage
  • Unlimited Scalability
*Additional servers can be added to build a Project Farm (of Servers)

Additional supraCloud Advantages:

This infrastructure offers the highest level of security, achieved with AWSS (Additional Web Site Security).

AWSS’ cloud-based Web Application Firewall (WAF) safeguards your ARCHIBUS Cloud Service from any web attack, so you can avoid costly data breaches and downtime.

Our PCI-certified service protects against SQL injection, XSS and other OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) top 10 threats.

Features include:

Bot Protection:
  • Security threat notifications
  • Reputation-based security
  • Comment spam elimination
  • CAPTCHA security check
  • Security event investigation

Access Control:
  • Blacklisting (clients, countries, IPs)
  • Guaranteed search engine access

Web Application Firewall:
  • SQL Injection
  • Cross-Site scripting
  • Illegal resources access
  • Remote file inclusions
  • PCI 6.6 compliance reporting
  • Advanced exception handling
  • Platform
Complete IPV6 Support
Backdoor Protection
SSL support

Global CDN:
  • Static content caching
  • Static file compression
  • Content minification
  • On-the-fly image optimisation

Advanced Performance:
  • Advanced dynamic content caching
  • Dynamic content compression
  • Purge Cache
  • Force additional static resources
  • Pre-pooling
  • Progressive image rendering
  • Image compression



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