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The latest version of ARCHIBUS

New ARCHIBUS version (V.24.1 released in March 2019)

With organisations needing to become ever more efficient and reduce costs, improving facilities management and operations is becoming increasingly important.

ARCHIBUS offers a single, integrated CAFM software solution to support informed strategic decisions that lower asset life-cycle costs and increase return-on-investment, productivity and utilisation.

ARCHIBUS has recently seen some big changes, starting with a recent investment from JMI, a private equity firm from Baltimore that specialise in growth of technology businesses. As a result, ARCHIBUS has announced a new CEO, a merger with SerraView and a series of new bundled SAAS offerings. These developments are expected to see exciting developments in the ARCHIBUS technology.

If strategically your organisation is looking to move away from on premise installations or you are looking to reduce your IT infrastructure costs, ARCHIBUS is available as a fully hosted SAAS provision.

ARCHIBUS V.24.1 has a strong focus on supporting and enabling customers looking to achieve ISO55000 (the international standard covering management of assets) and ISO41001 (facilities management standard).

Here’s everything you need to know about V.24.1:

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For large institutional and public facilities, adhering to various compliance requirements can be demanding. Organisations missing the completion of a compliance task could incur penalties, so ARCHIBUS has included new features to support this requirement.


Connecting operations to strategy
ARCHIBUS rolls up operational results as top-level business intelligence that can inform strategic direction, and communicate KPIs to operational functions. The result is an organisation that focuses its resources effectively.


Space planning and management
The latest version of ARCHIBUS provides various ways to view and manage space, with further development in 3D navigation and site/map filtering in the space console.


Enterprise move management
Moves can be costly and complex, so the new release provides a move scenario planning tool to assist with large-scale moves, delivering appropriate planning and coordination to ensure moves are performed correctly and efficiently.


Building operations management
ARCHIBUS enables organisations to conduct preventive maintenance, plan future work and perform labour planning for current work orders. It enables facility managers to create a maintenance plan and make adjustments as circumstances change.


Energy management
ARCHIBUS has added a Utility Analysis Console, which provides context for energy choices to help prioritise budget and reduce costs.


Enterprise asset management
Key features have been added to leverage the power of BIM and 3D visualisation, as well as supporting the broad adoption of ISO55000 and governance policies for strategic and tactical management of assets.


Real estate portfolio management
This provides an extension for lease administration by verifying compliance.


Workplace services: Reservations
The Web Central Reservations application has had a series of improvements, focusing on ICS invitations and cancellations.


The platform has gained several enhancements, including improvements to: reporting, mobile framework and geospatial extensions for Esri to name a few.


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