Email Management

While individuals in your organisation might have their own tried and tested approaches to tracking back old emails when they need to, any organisation needs a consistent approach that enables team collaboration and serves as a reliable source of email archives

Finding what you need

Have you ever experienced that sinking feeling when you’re looking for one particular email and it eludes you? It’s the one where the client approved the budget amend, even though they’re now querying that approval.

Or it’s the one where the sub-contractor absolutely guaranteed the price variance but now wants more. It’s always the one that’s critical that becomes the one you simply can’t locate.

  • Find it instantly

    What if you could simply store emails outside your outlook and use a powerful search function to find what you want instantly whether it was a few months ago or several years ago? What if you could simply search by project, schedule, permission or any other parameter you choose to set up?

  • Access from anywhere

    Excitech can integrate your email management system across the network so employees can search and find from mobile devices at any time, wherever they are.

  • Any file type

    Any attachment can be stored too; from complex design files to pdfs, photos and even audio files.

  • Audit trail

    Should the need arise to prove the validity of your actions and decisions you’ll be able to retrieve all communications related to the subject in dispute.

Allowing emails to accumulate in your inbox is simply waiting for that dreadful moment to come. Email management prepares you for any query on any communication from any time in the past.