Design and Engineering Document Management

The Document Management requirements of Owner Operators in the Oil and Gas industry can be particularly complex with requirements to manage hundreds of different files across hundreds of diverse component parts and sub-contractors.

Design rules

For AEC company's, manufacturers, and owner operators, Document Management can be considered a system to manage ‘content chaos’.

Imagine if there was no certainty in whether the document you might be looking at has been superseded even while you’re looking at it. Document Management systems are not ‘nice-to-haves’, they are core to an organisation’s efficiency.

Excitech can advise you on how to create, maintain, and curate a single version of truth, where your data is secure, version control is always trustworthy and users can get down to work without getting into document checking.

Engineering excellence

Engineering projects, particularly in the oil and gas industry, are more than simply global in scope, they can be amongst the most complex projects on the planet; thousands of participants and suppliers, vast amounts of data and documentation from widely diverse sources in every conceivable style and format.

Owner operators need to have firm control to drive excellence and to do their best to minimise cost and schedule overruns.

Simplicity drives efficiency.