Common Data Environment

PAS1192-2 sets out the framework for collaborative working on BIM enabled projects and describes the “…shared use of individually authored models in a Common Data Environment (CDE), being a single source of information for any given project, used to collect, manage and disseminate all relevant approved project documents for multi-disciplinary teams.” []

Sharing of data

BIM Level 2 Compliance can also be referred to simply as collaboration.

It is about simplifying processes and making them more efficient and faster; taking away any barriers to sharing information; replacing old ways of working and passing information between agencies, teams and companies.

Centralised data sharing has thus replaced bundles of files, collections of CDs, drawings, emails and general unconnected pockets of time consuming paper and electronic debris.

BIM is focussing every AEC companies’ attention on how it manages the storage of data in such a way that others can access it, share it, and use it to greater collaborative benefit.

To be in the running on BIM-based projects you must be able to publish information to the rest of the team on the project. You must be able to share the same truths that they do in the same way that they do. Excitech can help you take your part in the BIM collaborative ecosystem.

Controlling the information flow

We can provide you with the document management tools you need to work within the Common Data Environment.

We will look at your degree of compliance to BIM Level 2 and help you make the adjustments necessary to adhere to the agreed processes within the mandate.