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Document Management

Our DMS solutions enable you to keep all your information secure, accessible and, if applicable, BIM-compliant

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Who / where / what / when / why ?

The value of controlling your documents output and archive

A reliable Document Management System supports efficiencies in your business. Looked at another way, without a system to track, manage, and store documents it becomes impossible to locate the right version when it’s needed, and chaos creeps in.

Trust your information

Excitech can evaluate how you do things now and recommend the most failsafe way of doing them for the future; keeping all your information secure, accessible and, if applicable, BIM-compliant.

Document Management is essential for creating and maintaining that most critical of all information assets – the single version of the truth:

  • Permits retrieval of the right information at the right time
  • Improves productivity and collaboration
  • Minimises human error
  • An essential component in ensuring security of information and Intellectual Property
  • Invaluable in creating an audit trail
  • Reduces costs
  • Meets compliance requirements
  • Provides version control giving the latest information


Ensure that your internal teams, remote locations, mobile workers, sub-contractors and other companies can collaborate confidently


Common Data Environment

PAS1192-2 sets out the framework for collaborative working on BIM enabled projects and describes the “…shared use of individually authored models in a Common Data Environment (CDE), being a single source of information for any given project, used to collect, manage and disseminate all relevant approved project documents for multi-disciplinary teams.” []


Design and Engineering Document Management

The Document Management requirements of Owner Operators in the Oil and Gas industry can be particularly complex with requirements to manage hundreds of different files across hundreds of diverse component parts and sub-contractors.


Email Management

While individuals in your organisation might have their own tried and tested approaches to tracking back old emails when they need to, any organisation needs a consistent approach that enables team collaboration and serves as a reliable source of email archives


Excitech Document Management services enable you to move from unstructured or semi-structured systems and include:

  • Importing all legacy information to the new system
  • Migration from a structured system to the new system
  • Integration with other systems including full enterprise resource systems
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