Bespoke Training

From Excitech

Training that adapts to your needs

If you can’t find a standard course to suit your requirements, we will work with you to custom build a course that meets your own specific needs. We can build a course that works the way that you want it by omitting things perhaps you don’t need, or by incorporating more advanced or diverse subjects or even building the course around your own specific workflows or internal processes.

Working together

Our trainers and consultants will work with you to help build the custom syllabus, either by phone, web conference or meeting where we will map out your specific requirements. This typically includes:

  • Helping to identify your current skill levels
  • Learning what you need your teams to achieve
  • Defining the topics needed to get your teams where you want them
  • Creating an agenda for the training
  • Working with you to scope out a delivery plan
As with all of our training, the custom course or workshop can be delivered at any of our training facilities, on your site or any suitable venue that meets your needs.