CAFM Support

Cover every base in facilities management software

From our over 30 years’ experience in the construction sector, from design to final handover, we understand the importance of data, the best ways of sharing it, and the most practical ways of making sure you get true operational value out of it. This is very much about taking part in the Building Information Modelling (BIM) cycle to ensure greater efficiency in managing building assets.

Essential to making the most of this value at all times is having reliable support plans in place so if anything does go wrong you have recourse to skilled technicians.

Excitech CAFM support, available in four package types, offers you the flexibility to decide how best to keep peace of mind at the top of the business agenda, from access to remote support through to advanced support for configuration and development projects.

Core CAFM support services at-a-glance

1: Advice 2: Operational assistance 3: Minor configuration 4: Major configuration and/or development

This entry level support package is to provide guidance on the correct use of the system. It may also include discussion and/or exploration with you to determine if a fault or limitation exists within the software.

Assistance with the operation of the system where you need a member of the support team to actually assist with performing some form of task on the system. This may include activities such as.-

  • Creating an import script of your data.
  • Fixing an issue with a drawing.
  • Executing procedures within the system via a remote connection.


Covers configuration of the system that can be carried out through use of the more advanced aspects of the existing system interface. For example in the case of ExcitechFM this would include minor changes to forms or reports.

Modification of the system either through configuration or possibly additional development work such as the creation of scripts or more advanced configuration.
Typically where standard configuration is used to change a number of aspects of the system or where such configuration is to provide additional functionality then this may be considered to be major configuration.