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News Published: 07/02/2017 | Author: Excitech

Take advantage of the new Autodesk Promotion

Save up to 30% when trading-in legacy perpetual licences for 3-year subscriptions.

This offer expires on 21st April 2017.

Clients who have older, “legacy” versions of Autodesk software have the opportunity to trade in these licences for a 3-year subscription and get a 30% discount.
Subscription benefits:

  • Access to the latest software
  • Access to previous versions
  • Home use licensing
  • Global use rights
  • Autodesk support

Versions Release 14 (approximately 1998 - 2017) if not on an active maintenance plan are eligible. All seats associated with the legacy serial number must be traded in and cease to be used. Legacy licences can be exchanged for any product required, the only exception is that of the LT portfolio. An LT product can only be traded in for another LT product, however, this provides the option for customers to explore new workflows and tools such as the Revit LT suite which contains both AutoCAD LT and Revit LT. Deployment can also be specified to requirements, single-user for an individual, or multi-user, offering teams access to a pool of licences.

Since Autodesk moved to a subscription only model last year, it is promotions such as these that offer customers a pathway to utilise the remaining value in their licences and take advantage of the new technologies and services Autodesk offer. Don’t miss this special pricing. The offer expires on 21st April, 2017.


Trade in your perpetual licence and get up to 30% off a 3-year subscription to any eligible Autodesk software

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